We’ve been pretty terrible at updating you, and for that, we are sorry! We have a lot of new stuff to talk about, so we’ll get on a stick and do more posts soon, especially on the Sona Arch that we installed. What a cool piece of playground equipment, and we were able to do it thanks in part to our 2019 Bourbon Raffle!

Soooo… Here we are, with the 2021 Bourbon Raffle, and another fantastic expansion project! This raffle is, simply put, opulent. 64 amazing bottles set up into 25 fantastic prizes, both collections and single bottles. Just like last time, we’re selling tickets at $100 each. Unlike last time, we are selling 2,000 tickets for this amazing line-up!

Without more words: GET YOUR TICKETS

“So, where are the funds going this time?” you ask? We are excited to build an entirely NEW playground in another town, south of Levi’s Adventure Trail in Cape County Park South. This new playground will be built in Sikeston, MO. We are so excited to expand the Adventure Trail in a town very close to family and heart, and with your help, we will make this dream come true in great form – All for the Love of Levi!

Below is an artist rendition of some potential builds for the new park. It’s all subject to a lot of things, of course, but after nearly four years of the original Levi’s Adventure Trail being open, you know that the new playground will be amazing!

The raffle will wrap up on 11/1/21, or sooner if we sell out of tickets. And we’re kind of expecting that, after the excitement over the last raffle. Levi’s uncle Jim has cultivated this fantastic collection just for this event – he’s a pretty generous guy – and it’s definitely one to get excited about. A complete Van Winkle set up? The Sazerac BTAC collection? Weller, Blanton’s and so much more… Check out the entire list on the Bourbon Fundraiser page. 

We so appreciate every comment, review, social media tag and more you give us. Our hearts are full with all of the positive energy and fun times that Levi’s Adventure Trail has given you, and we’re always working to keep it beautiful, functional and GROWING!

Spread the word on the bourbon event, and grab your tickets today. Thanks again, and do it for the Love of Levi!