A Park for Everyone!

Levi’s Adventure Trail is a playground located in Cape Girardeau County Park South in Cape Girardeau, Missouri. This ADA-accessible playground features climbing structures, water and sand features, swings, a zip line and much more, and is designed to include and provide opportunities for adventure to EVERY child!

The playground is open under regular park hours, and is lighted at night. Security cameras are in place throughout the facility as well. We want to make sure your kids can explore safely, and so there are some park rules in place.

Rules for play at Levi’s Adventure Trail:

  1. No tobacco products. Please consider not only the health of you and your kids, but also the mess that it leaves at this playground.
  2. No food or drinks… on the playground structures and area. You can sit at the shelter tables and enjoy your food and drinks, but keep it in the shelters and please pitch your trash!
  3. No pets allowed. We love dogs, too, but not at Levi’s. We want to keep the park clean, not only of animal waste but also of hair and dander that can trigger allergies in our little friends.
  4. Glass bottles prohibited. 
  5. Please do not throw rubber mulch. Common sense dictates you shouldn’t throw things at your friends, but the rubber mulch is only meant to be stepped on. It can clog drain holes (especially in the canoe) and cause other issues. Keep it under foot!
  6. Children must be accompanied by an adult. Levi’s doesn’t provide adult supervision; please be responsible for your charge(s).
  7. Use playground at your own risk. We know accidents can happen, so please, play carefully, follow the posted rules, and enjoy yourself. Levi’s Children’s Charity and Cape Girardeau County Parks are not responsible for accidents incurred at Levi’s Adventure Trail.

We want you to explore and be creative, but we also want to make sure that everyone can enjoy the park together. Our rules are in place to keep our equipment in good shape and our park clean!

Levi’s Adventure Trail offers two full service restrooms, both equipped with diaper changing stations. Additionally, there is a water fountain and bottle filling station with filtered water. It even keeps track of how many bottles you’ve saved by refilling at the station!

Opened in November of 2017, the Adventure Trail is one of the most modern playgrounds in our area, and one of several ADA-accessible play places as well.

Levi’s Adventure Trail was built to honor Levi Collom, a wonderful boy who died without explanation on March 18, 2012. We wanted to create a space that paid tribute to everything Levi loved, from “super powers” to the natural area around the Current River and beyond. We love that YOU have so much fun exploring and being creative at Levi’s Adventure Trail. We like to think that Levi is there, too, in spirit, and is smiling and laughing right along with your children.

The Adventure Trail is an ongoing project, as we plan to add new exhibits and make improvement to existing structures. Additionally, Levi’s Children’s Charity hosts community events and has initiatives to provide opportunities and encourage team play throughout Southeast Missouri. If you can support our efforts, please visit our Donate page to learn how you can help.