After Levi died I looked back to realize that I was getting subtle hints before his death to be prepared for something to happen. This was one of those.

I’ll never forget the call with Glenn on the phone telling me about Levi for some reason I knew immediately that he was gone and wasn’t coming back to us. Maybe it was a parents intuition but I had a feeling come over me as if to say this is what I have been preparing you for so be prepared because it’s happening now.

The movie that Levi insisted we see was the Lorax a few weeks before he died and it has several messages i have been able to go back to and see.

Sometimes things happen or signs are given and we ignore them. Our loved ones that have passed on do give us messages you just need to be open to seeing them.

I’m not sure which one sent me this message but it meant enough for me to take a picture and keep it.

A Positive Spark…