We have lots of fun features at Levi’s Adventure Trail, but one of the definite favorites is our zip line!

This fun zip line features a seat, so anyone can enjoy the thrill of the rollercoaster-like experience of sailing across the playground. This cool feature encourages turn-taking, helping hands and creative interpretation, as many kids like to try it backwards, striking a pose, and many other fun variations on the typical sit-and-go.

Because of its popularity, the Zip Line is also one of our higher maintenance items. If the Zip Line is down on your visit, don’t despair. We have to make sure all of our features stay safe and ADA compliant, and so we’d bet that it will be back up very soon, thanks to our diligent friends with the Cape County Parks Department.

Climb, kiddo, climb! Throughout Levi’s Adventure Trail, we have various climbing structures. Rocks, sculptures, and of course the large play structures offer your kids plenty of opportunity to gain a leg up and conquer new horizons.