Through our playground equipment provider, Miracle, we have partnered with Biba to provide a unique, interactive element to Levi’s Adventure Trail!

You may be thinking, “But we come to the playground to disconnect from the screen time, not to add to it!”
The beauty of this app is that rather than replacing physical, outdoor play time, it enhances it. The interactivity between the app and the equipment at Levi’s Adventure Trail encourages exploration and continued play.

Each Biba game is developed to follow a strict 80/20 rule; kids must be active, physically, for 80% of the game, and only 20% of their time is spent on the screen.

Encouraging interactivity, imagination and exploration, we hope that you will download the free app and check it out today. Bring a new level of fun to your family’s time at Levi’s Adventure Trail!

The Biba app is a free download for iPhone and Android.

“Biba’s app added a whole new level of play to our time at the park. Seeing the kiddos’ faces as they accomplished tasks and collect bots and dig up bones… It is really fun!”

Watch the short video below to learn more about how the Biba app can add new fun to your time at Levi’s Adventure Trail. Have fun!

So, How Does Biba Work?

Download for Android

Download for iPhone